T H E   C L E A N S I N G
S S 2 2

A descendent of the Rebirth collection, revived and purified: Go tloša Setšhila.

The Cleansing collection plunges one into the distilled realm where spirit and water commune in their truest forms. Here, they are connected in purposeful action and meaningful flow. In its formless state, water is a revelation of intense power, adaptability and spirituality. Through oxygenated ripples or surging tides, water, as we know it, creates beauty from imperfection, resurrecting every element in its path.

It is the mystery with this duality where the organic, soft and firm silhouettes morphed from currents of inspiration into garments of life. Saturated in the continuance of the sublime balance of the masculine and the feminine, the Cleansing Collection invites you to journey with each piece through constant motion and creation. Navigate the surge and the current – the storm and the stream. Be renewed here.

i m a g e   c r e d i t s

Creative Director & Designer – Shelley Mokoena, Photography – John Doe