T H E   A N T E C E N D E N T
S S 2 3

A personification of the intimate facilities of the mind through the philosophical relativity of history. Reintroducing and reframing subconscious memories and esoteric experiences while unlearning the disjointed physical realm shared by one’s secular and extended community.

The collection creatively dissects the rediscovery of the designers’ timeline, inspired by the makeup of her childhood. Mokoena offers the wearer, spiritual keys of African numerology, and an overall profound grace in the investigation of the fallacies, fears, and misinterpretations that have created the narratives that have become her identity.

The garments undress shadows of familiarity, roles, blind routine appropriateness and societal appropriation where we have traded the sight of the world, a transaction that left our true selves othered. The transformation gifted by constant questioning, evaluating and re-evaluation, has led to the personification of enlightenment as the garment, an elegant serpent in symbolism of wisdom, becomes the wisdom she seeks in its unravelled form. A flowing presentation of the unravelling of self, the wearer intimately sheds a matrix of ideals and emerges a deconstructed form of truth.

An ode to the unending journey to self, wisdom and autonomy.

i m a g e   c r e d i t s

Creative Director & Designer – Shelley Mokoena, Photography – Michael Oliver Love Assisted by – Vicky Sheelongonow