Founded in 2019 by Shelley Mokoena, C O N N A D E is a Johannesburg based womenswear fashion brand with a sophisticated approach to understated detailing that captures the aura of the women adorned, through classic, statement and staple moments – complimented with organic forms to principle silhouettes and the weaving of structural design. C O N N A D E is inspired by forms of nature, heritage and expression, creating collections with a sublime impression of wearable art.

C O N N A D E pieces are an exploration in structural design and artistic influences. Each C O N N A D E piece features distinctive garment construction and is a case study in the art of sculptural pattern-making and execution with the use of unassuming natural fabrication and textiles.

A t C O N N A D E, timeless, heirloom and effortless creation is at the
forefront with an emphasis on the art of perfect imperfection.